Astronomy & Spirituality
in Our Daily Lives

Blending Knowledge and Understanding
with Love, Joy, Awe, and Faith
to Enhance Our Lives
and Deepen Our Connection

with astrophysicist Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.

Photos by Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.
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"Astronomy, Spirituality, and the Mayan Prophecy: LIVING THE SACRED"

A Retreat for Women -- Aug. 26-30, 2009 at the Heart View Center in Arlee, Montana
Program Tuition is $695 -- Registration closes August 10, 2009
Register with Friends and $Save$ -- Tuition is $600 each for 2, $550 each for 3
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Tuition covers program cost, meals, lodging and access to Heart View Center facilities
A Work/Study Option is available to a small number of participants for a cost of $495 -- this cannot to be combined with the friend discount

Program Content:

Of all the nature-based peoples ever to inhabit the Earth, the Mayans were probably the most accomplished astronomers, with astronomy and spirituality deeply intertwined in their daily lives. Like other nature-based peoples, they built temples and buildings aligned to the heavens, marking the seasonal beginnings, or the extremes along the horizon of the rising and setting of the Moon and the planet Venus. They developed a sophisticated understanding of the motions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars which they used to create a complex system of several calendars running simultaneously. The Mayan calendar system indicates the end of a Great Cycle of 5,125 years on December 21, 2012, coincidentally the winter solstice, when humanity will enter a new Great Cycle. The Mayan people placed great significance on the completion of calendar cycles, and the time between now and Dec. 21, 2012 is what the they refer to as the "Road to Awe".

The astronomy of the Mayan people is the same astronomy that we experience in the 21st century -- we see the same Sun, Moon, planets, and stars making the same daily patterns and monthly or yearly motions in the sky. We, too, can choose to live our lives aligned to the heavens, connected to the beauty and wonder of the sky, and celebrating our experience of the Universe through our entire being -- body, mind, heart, and spirit. Join this residential retreat with Dr. Judith Young to connect with the astronomical and spiritual Universes and the Mayan teachings on time and sacred cycles, and to enable personal transformational experiences. Our program will include:

Come to this retreat to be inspired by the sky, to enhance your connection to All That Is, and to feel more at home in the Universe. Experience various interpretations of the Mayan Prophecy and compare these with the Hopi Prophecy as we prepare for celebrating the completion of the Great Cycle and the beginning of the next. The Universe inspires stillness, awe, connection, creativity, love, and wonder. It is the sacred space that follows us everywhere, and it is here for us to connect with every day of our lives. Will you accept the invitation?

Program Information & Cost:

We will gather for this retreat at the Heart View Center in Arlee, Montana, 25 miles North of Missoula on the Flathead Indian Reservation from the afternoon of Wednesday Aug. 26 to the afternoon of Sunday Aug. 30, 2009. In addition to a beautiful setting and lovely meeting space indoors and out, the Heart View Center offers a 20'x40' swimming pool and a large sauna. For those interested, massages can also be arranged. The indoor accommodations consist of a small number of shared rooms. Those who want a more intimate experience of the land can set up a personal tent outdoors. The cost for this retreat (including tuition, meals, accommodations, and access to the Heart View Center facilities) is $695.

A small number of more private spaces may be available for a higher cost. Please contact for information on pricing and availability.

Special Savings Offers: There are several ways to achieve savings for this retreat. Sign up with a friend, and tuition will be $600 for each participant. Sign up with 2 friends, and the tuition will be $550 for each of you. Alternatively, if you are interested in a Work/Study option (helping cook meals, assisting in set-up and clean-up, etc.), there are a limited number of spaces at the retreat for the reduced tuition of $495.

Space in this retreat will be limited to 20 women. Registration closes August 10. To register, please fill out the registration form and send to the address indicated along with the non-refundable registration fee of $150.

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