Astronomy & Spirituality
in Our Daily Lives

Blending Knowledge and Understanding
with Love, Joy, Awe, and Faith
to Enhance Our Lives
and Deepen Our Connection

with astrophysicist Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.

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Astronomy and Spirituality offer 2 complimentary ways of seeing and experiencing the Universe. The science of astronomy provides the observational and theoretical basis for our physical understanding of the external Universe, while spirituality involves our individual experience and inner Universe. Our lives are greatly enhanced by a blending of both the scientific and the spiritual rather than solely relying on one as a means of interpreting the Universe. Whether it is a sunset, a meteor shower, a full Moon, a beautiful starry sky, a solstice sunrise, an eclipse, or a shimmering display of northern lights, an astronomical understanding of what we see leads us to feel more deeply connected to the world around us, and a love of what we see brings us joy, awe, and inspiration.

I offer workshops, gatherings, and retreats which blend Astronomy & Spirituality in order to teach people about the sky so they can pay attention and experience the Universe around. The goal is to help people understand what they see and thereby enhance their connection to All That Is, and to take this increased sense of connection and live with greater richness and respect for planet Earth and all forms of life. Programs include weekend retreats in Amherst, Massachuestts near the U.Mass. Sunwheel, 5-day retreats, seasonal sunrise and sunset gatherings at the Sunwheel, and "Exploring the Spiritual Universe" meditation workshops. See the links below for the calendar and descriptions of offerings.

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