Astronomy & Spirituality
in Our Daily Lives

Blending Knowledge and Understanding
with Love, Joy, Awe, and Faith
to Enhance Our Lives
and Deepen Our Connection

with astrophysicist Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.

Photos by Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.
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Nature and Astronomical Photos | Sunwheel Photos

The astronomical and nature photographs pictured on this web site are all photographs that I have taken, and these are for sale along with hundreds of other of my astronomical and nature photographs. Many of my best photographs were included in my first photo show in 2003, entitled "The Seven Days of Creation".

The photographs are availale in either of 2 standard sizes:

Prices will vary depending on the particular photograph.

These photographs are all protected by my copyright, and it is unlawful (and also unethical) to print the photos to sell or distribute, or to use them publicly without my express permission. Thank you for your respectful attention.

If there are particular subjects you are interested in, please contact me to inquire as to whether I have good photos of that subject.

Workshop and Retreat Information: