Astronomy & Spirituality
in Our Daily Lives

Blending Knowledge and Understanding
with Love, Joy, Awe, and Faith
to Enhance Our Lives
and Deepen Our Connection

with astrophysicist Joyous Judy Young, Ph.D.

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"Exploring the Spiritual Universe"

An Experiential Workshop in 5 Parts
Program Tuition $150 in advance
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Program Tuition is $175 if received at first session

Workshop Description:

Using meditation, mindfulness practice, inspirational literature, discussion, and deep listening, the "Exploring the Spiritual Universe" workshops provide an experiential setting for examining a broad range of topics. The 5 2-hour sessions include:

Workshop Schedule for Spring 2009:

The workshops are open to a maximum of 7 participants on a first-come first-served basis. The current schedule is:

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Workshop and Retreat Information: